Animal Adaptations and the Grab Lab!

2-4 Hour Experience at Your Home

Have you ever seen a bird catch a worm? Or a chipmunk stuff their cheeks with nuts? How do they do it? Animals have evolved some pretty amazing grabbers and tools for survival over time.

In this experience, kids will construct their own tools and simple grabbers out of TeacherGeek connector strips and screws. They'll design and engineer solutions inspired by feathered and furry friends. By the end, kids will know how animal adaptations and nature collaborate to make certain skills and tasks possible.

Themes explored throughout the experience include: motion and stability, engineering design, animal adaptations, and fine motor development.

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About Shannon

Longtime Teacher and Traveler

Shannon has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, a M.S. from the University of Colorado, and completed post-graduate training at both Harvard and Columbia universities. Past teaching roles have included Grades K, 1, & 2 as a classroom teacher, learning support and literacy specialist, MakerSpace facilitator, and Information & Learning Technologist. She's been teaching since 2005, and has experience working in schools both in the USA and abroad: Rome, Italy; Dubai, UAE; Jeju-do, South Korea; and Virginia and Colorado, domestically.

Her passions are reading, STEM, and traveling, as she's visited over 50+ countries, 5 oceans, and all 7 continents. Shannon believes in providing students with first-hand learning experiences because children learn best by doing, inquiring about, exploring, and creating. She strives to help all her students develop the academic, professional, and information literacy skills and knowledge needed to be a happy and productive citizen of the 21st century. As Shannon puts it, "Children deserve constant reminding they each have the ability to make an impact on our world!"

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