Bracelets and Building

2-4 Hour Experience at Your Home

Bracelets and Building with Teacher Jessica is 2 hours of imagination, brought straight to your door. This Experience weaves in and out of bracelet-making and LEGO construction, and will light up your child's brain throughout. Part design and self-expression while children choose their bracelet colors and stitch; part engineering and spatial reasoning while children construct LEGO worlds that tell a story. It's an Experience that's sure to leave your child buzzing with creative energy and excitement, and idea-threads to keep pulling, all day long.

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About Jessica

Children's Hospital Volunteer & Pre-Med

Colorado native, dog mama extraordinaire, and doting auntie, Jessica loves working with (and learning from) kids. Jessica is a former collegiate athlete who volunteers at a children's hospital and is headed to medical this year. She is constantly inspired by childlike inquisitiveness and open-mindedness and can't wait to play sports, engage, and imagine with your children.

Jessica is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents are Saying

My kids loved their time with Jessica. They learned about engineering while having so much fun. Jessica was able to balance the needs of my 7 year old and 4 year old (which is not an easy feat!). My kids loved her so much that they hid her shoes so she wouldn’t leave.

- Elizabeth M.

Jessica was wonderful. She engaged the children in hands-on activities, balancing the needs of different ages. They loved it!

- Elizabeth M.

Spooky STEM was so fun and engaging! My 8 year old had a great time! He learned so much! Teacher Jessica was FANTASTIC!

- Sara P.