Foundational Reading

2 Hour Experience

Reading is the foundational basis of all future learning! When we ask what it takes to learn to read, we know that beginning readers must understand the sound structure of their language. In our sessions, we will learn and put into practice that words are made up of smaller sounds, and apply the sounds to words in appropriate level texts in order to decode and blend the sounds we have learned.

While mastering phonetic skills is an important component of reading fluency, vocabulary, knowledge, and comprehension, are other key components we'll focus on in learning to read fluently and with understanding. For example, kids will learn to be active in their reading by internalizing specific reading strategies used before, during, and after they read such as making predictions, drawing connections and inferences, leveraging imagery, developing empathy, and drawing conclusions.

One of my goals is to build upon and accelerate the reading instruction that your child is receiving in school so that your child will read fluently with enthusiasm, reflection, and excellent comprehension. Another important goal is to instill a positive and confident culture of reading within your child's heart and mind. Children who feel confident regarding their ability to read love to read! And, children who view reading as fun and important become lifelong readers and learners! - Teacher Carmel

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About Carmel

Elementary Educator

With 30 years of elementary school education experience, Carmel knows what it takes to make learning stick while still being fun. Carmel is a certified educator and prides herself on being a facilitator to children's natural curiosities and learning abilities. Carmel values every aspect of learning equally—social growth, academic achievement, leadership, and kindness—and believes they are integral parts of every child's learning journey.

Carmel is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents are Saying

Carmel was incredible! She clearly has a ton of experience teaching young children and our daughter had a blast!

- Todd R.

Our Grasshopper experience was amazing! I have four very curious kids at different ages with different interests, and the experience had all four of them engaged the whole time. Also, as an educator, I was very impressed with how the teacher led the program. She obviously knew what she was doing, and the minute she left, my kids were asking for another experience.

- Sarah L.

Ms Carmel gave our kids a super fun experience with their friends and helped us out while we had to work over fall break. She was great with the kids and kept them engaged, learning and having fun!

- Stacey S.