PlayDoh Piano and Electronic Music Production

2-3 Hour Experience at Your Home

Teacher Brennan has developed a thrilling new way for kids of all ages to make music. Using the electricity in our bodies, clay models, and high quality sound production equipment, kiddos will get the chance to create their own unique song and sound in an exciting and novel way.

Traditional instruments like keyboards, percussion instruments, and one's own voice will be used in the music production process. Kids will get to use the Playtronica which allows kids to get even more creative as they discover any conductive material can be turned into a beautiful instrument. This experience is incredibly unique and inspirational for kids of all ages. It works particularly well for mixed-age groups!

About Brennan

Touring Musician & Music Producer

Star of the electronic-rock trio, Evanoff, and solo live-loop performer with Ableton Live, Brennan brings music to life for all young rockstars. He specializes in teaching piano, production, and programming to musicians of all levels. His also holds a Bachelor of Science from CU Denver in Recording Arts with an emphasis in Jazz Piano, and a Psychology minor grounded in Music Therapy and Cognitive Development.

Brennan is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

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