Weaving Experience

4 Hour Experience at Your Home
Available as one-time or a multi-week series

Indigenous North American Plains tribes used the medicine wheel to symbolize the four directions, health and healing, and the cyclical nature of our world. The medicine wheel, also known as "the sacred hoop," is the pillar of this interwoven Experience with Teacher Carmel — perfect for the onset of Spring!

Carmel will incorporate readings, Native American histories, indigenous art, and artifacts found in nature, as children create their own medicine wheels throughout this Experience. Different tribes interpret the medicine wheel differently, and children can also develop their own meanings for their unique hoops. The four directions (East, South, West, and North) are usually depicted by distinctive colors, and the directions have also traditionally represented many meanings: the circles of life stages, seasons of the year, elements of nature, animals, and more. This Experience is creative, child-led, and inquiry-based.

About Carmel

Elementary Educator

With 30 years of elementary school education experience, Carmel knows what it takes to make learning stick while still being fun. Carmel is a certified educator and prides herself on being a facilitator to children's natural curiosities and learning abilities. Carmel values every aspect of learning equally—social growth, academic achievement, leadership, and kindness—and believes they are integral parts of every child's learning journey.

Carmel is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents Are Saying

Carmel was incredible! She clearly has a ton of experience teaching young children and our daughter had a blast!

- Todd R.

Our Grasshopper experience was amazing! I have four very curious kids at different ages with different interests, and the experience had all four of them engaged the whole time. Also, as an educator, I was very impressed with how the teacher led the program. She obviously knew what she was doing, and the minute she left, my kids were asking for another experience.

- Sarah L.

Ms Carmel gave our kids a super fun experience with their friends and helped us out while we had to work over fall break. She was great with the kids and kept them engaged, learning and having fun!

- Stacey S.