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About Joycelyn

Joycelyn is an experienced dancer with a background in teaching both dance and group exercise classes to children of all ages.

Previous experience teaching: Dance teacher for 4-7 year olds starting when she was 16. Taught Summer intensive for same age at 19-22. Flamenco in the morning assisted in the later day. Currently watching her 4 year old nephew as well as a few afternoons a week watching 2 older nephews as well.
Taught as physical trainer in a gym, Zumba, water aerobics, dance teacher- tap, jazz, modern, ballet.
What does success looks like? She shared an example from dance class instruction: A little boy with so much energy. Figured out how to assist, explaining how it works, have a student help other students. Watched him surge. I as an educator saw that he wasn’t having as good time and needed redirection.

Talking through when she would like to teach...
Dance. Loves dance. Also talented at math. Working on phonemics with Dom. Loves cooking and baking. Studied PT- so happy to movement/ PE type classes.
Driving comfort? Take bus or uber. Downtown San Jose is where she lives.
Avail: Afternoons 3-5ish on Mon., Tues., Wed.

Lauren's perspective: She has a a good kit fit personality. I got to see her interact with her nephew and she was very kind and caring. She is green- but coachable. I agree with Sarah that starting out in dance is where she should began- and can later take on other classes with support. I do worry about the logistics with bussing and want to make that works out for an afterschool program.

Notes from 12/4 call with Sarah:

Experienced dancer, comfortable teaching dance, movement, cooking, and maybe music
Sister of Nichaele
Has taught a wide variety of dance to younger kids as well as groups 18+
Comfortable teaching various group sizes + ages

Currently: Bartending and some school
Interests / potential teaching areas: Dance, baking, cooking, maybe music
Location: San Jose
Availability: After School is generally available, doesn't have a car so logistics need to work out
Looking for: Being able to get back into education!
Compensation: Excited by our rates!

Sarah's perspective: Recommend moving forward quickly. She's engaging, professional, and kind. Dance is her strong suit but willing to take on more as needed! She loves the mission and has heard great things from her sister.


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