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About Quiggy

Quiggy has worked closely with children for over 8+ years, and is a meditation teacher and certified life coach for young adults. His experiences running summer camp programs and mentoring young people in developing social, emotional, and physical wellness, have led him to incorporate meditation into his Experiences as a particularly great tool for young kids going through life. He's run courses designed to build self-esteem and introduction to meditation series for students of all ages. A kid at heart, Quiggy's experiences are always fun and curiosity-driven!

Quiggy is vaccinated against COVID-19.



My daughter truly enjoyed her time spent with Teacher Quiggy. She described games and meditation, mindfulness and a lot of giggles. She is ready to have another session right away!
Julie J
From my son: We started with a game called “story conductor” which was really fun. We took turns telling a story. Then we did meditation laying on the floor. Then we got some stuffies and did another meditation exercise. Then we went outside and we practiced using our senses. Then we came back inside and did some focused coloring. Overall I liked it a lot.
Katie M
We had a great time with Quiggy in the “Zen Den” - Quiggy was great at adapting to my scatter brained 4 year old and was able to get her on track through play. She learned about mindfulness and gathered some new awareness and tools that she was excited to show me after. It was a fantastic introduction into being more present and working on those things that, at 4, feel much more difficult. Who am I kidding, it’s hard for us adults too! Overall, it was a fantastic experience that I would definitely recommend!
Megan B