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Arielle and Cris' earliest conversations about what would end up becoming Grasshopper Kids took place at playgrounds. As many working parents know, playgrounds are a place where kids are fully engaged and learning all the time. Immersed in play, they're observing, socializing, and having fun. Two friends, coffees in hand and our kids at play, we got to have deep and meaningful conversations about our dreams against a backdrop of laughter and joy.
Now, Grasshopper Kids brings the magic of the playground to children everywhere, facilitated by talented teachers sharing their passions and crafts. We believe: if kids are laughing, they're learning.

our why


When we thought back on our own educations, and ahead to those of our children's and the generations to come, we knew we both wanted something that didn't exist. Kids are natural creators. And, given the tools, curiosity transforms into capability and self-awareness. It's up to parents, guardians, educators, and communities, to show children all the ways they can create. For themselves, and others. Be it a song, a story, a scone... or, a solution.


But parents have enough on their plates. And it would be impossible to expect only a few individuals to teach a child everything. What if kids had access to the world's craftspeople? What if kids could learn music from performers, storytelling from filmmakers, baking from chefs, and problem-solving from problem-solvers who think differently. What if they could also do so conveniently and affordably for over-scheduled, over-extended families?


There are so many more talented teachers out there than our kids currently get to learn from. And those individuals are passionate about inspiring the next generation to create -- because they're creators, too. Educators, artists, musicians, chefs, athletes, and all kinds of creatives. We're on a mission to help people break free from the limits of traditional education and employment through fulfilling, creative, and rewarding work teaching kids.

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