Cardboard Prop-Making Series for the Stage

Dive into a whimsical world of creativity and cardboard! Students will learn the tricks and trade of theatre prop-making, repurposing cardboard and letting imaginations run wild leveraging found materials. From crafting magical wands to building towering castles, children will discover the true art of turning everyday items into extraordinary creations fit for the stage and the stories they want to tell. Watch as their ideas come to life, sparking innovation and resourcefulness while fostering a love for theatre, storytelling, and sustainable crafting and design all at once 🎭♻️✨

About Bruna

Drama and Performing Arts Teacher

Bruna is a professional theatre and drag actor, producer, and director. With over 15 years of experience in childcare and children's education, Bruna has a natural gift for connecting with and inspiring kids including leading engaging acting workshops especially centered around body movement and character work. Bruna is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and outside of the classroom enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, meditating, and exploring herbalism, astrology, and tarot.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents Are Saying

We've loved having Teacher Bruna, they are already such a great fit here at Burke's. So great with the kids, they love it! Teacher Bruna is such a fun and amazing teacher! The kids loved it :)
Cyndera Q, Director of After School & Summer Programs