Cool Critters

2 Hour Experience at Your Home
Available as one-time or a multi-week series

This 2-3 hour Experience is designed for children to interact with a very cool critter, Joey's Leopard Gecko, Lizeardo DiCaprio — fondly known as Lizzy! Children will learn and understand about the husbandry required in owning a reptilian pet, as well as the role humans have in ensuring all species can thrive on Planet Earth for generations to come.

Joey kicks this Experience off by having kids create their own small pet out of clay. Fictional animals are totally welcome in this Experience, to hang out alongside Lizzy! While children bring their pets to life, Joey will demonstrate the handling of Lizzy, and kids will have the chance to pet and hold him if they'd like. Hand washing or sanitizing will be practiced throughout after holding Lizzy.

Whilst clay pets dry, pet-home and habitat-construction will get underway. Using recycled materials along with grass, sticks, and rocks, kids will test their engineering and creativity as they build an environment that will last and stand up to predators! During building, kids will have another chance to interact with Lizzy, and learn how to feed him. There will be inquiry-led discussion of how ecosystems are interdependent, and how every plant, animal, and insect plays an important role in contributing to life on the planet.

About Joey

Snowboarder and Pre-school Teacher

Joey is a former competitive snowboarder and preschool and early education teacher. Experienced leading children through enriching experiences that are educational, engaging, and fun, in both school, after school, and in-home environments, Joey believes anything and everything can be a learning opportunity for kids. The loving owner of a very cool critter, Lizzy (full name, Lizeardo DiCaprio!), and animal rights and environmental advocate, he brings a thoughtful and calm energy to all his Experiences — and sometimes Lizzy comes along, too!

Joey is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents Are Saying

Joey (and Lizzy!) were fantastic!! Joey was kind, engaging and so thoughtful! My son had THE BEST experience— at bedtime tonight, he told me “I love Joey and Lizzy. I hope they can come again soon.

- Sara P., mom of 3

Phenomenal experience that our 3yr old and 7yr old loved! Joey was so patient, caring, fun and funny! We will be signing up for more experiences soon and can’t wait for our friends to check it out too!

- Dusty J., dad of 2

My son talked about reptiles for days after this experience! He loved it and asked me to book more for him.

- Danyel W., mom of 1