Fantasy Poem Workshop: Imagination Unleashed

Calling all young wordsmiths and poets! Step into the enchanting world of Fantasy Poem Workshop and unleash your imagination through the power of words. In this captivating series, kids will dive into the realm of creative writing, explore the magic of poetry, and learn the art of crafting vivid imagery using metaphors and similes. 🎩✨

Through fun and interactive activities, children will embark on a journey of self-expression, discovering how to bring their wildest dreams and fantastical adventures to life through enchanting poems. They'll learn essential writing techniques, including how to create captivating introductions and build suspense, all while igniting their creativity and developing a love for the written word. Join in the realm of imagination, let your words soar like dragons, and dance like fairies in the starlit sky! 📝🌟

About Aedan

Multi-Talented Musician (Producer, Singer, Rapper)

Aedan is a vocal music and production teacher passionate about music and kids learning to jam! He's a long-time musician himself, and currently a full-time student at CU Denver pursuing a degree in Music Business. He's also experienced in teaching youth basketball and has worked in summer camp instruction for kids. Aedan enjoys playing video games, basketball and sports, is an avid Star Wars fan, and loves to draw.

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What Parents Are Saying

Aedan was awesome! He handled the crowd with ease. The group thinned out by the end of the program and now we have a good core group of kids who are excited to work with him and write songs together this month. He was very calm, collected and seemed to enjoy the chaos that happens with 9 eleven-year-old kids who had just spent an entire day sitting in class. He was awesome, please let him know we're happy to have him inspire kids any way he can. His music is impressive too! The kids loved it. Partnering with music experts that can work with kids is really valuable!
Molly D, Enrichment Coordinator
Aedan was a fabulous teacher in the intro piano class. He was engaging, entertaining and taught them a lot about melody, chords, beat and pitch. All around great experience!
Amanda M