How Does Your Garden Grow?

2 Hour Experience at Your Home

This experience will guide children in caring for their own plant garden, and help kids connect the dots from earth to market and the food that ultimately ends up on their plates. Kids will start off with a game of Jeopardy that'll test and teach them about where the food we eat comes from. Categories like, Fruit or Vegetable?, Season of Planting, How Does it Grow?, and Mystery Plant! will keep kids guessing and having fun.

Next, kids will paint their own flower pots for seedlings. While paint dries, they'll learn the care and feeding of their plants, how long the seeds will take to germinate, and how to harvest sustainably. When ready, Jayde will help them fill their pots with soil, saturate the soil, and disperse seeds. They'll enjoy the fruits of this experience long after the session ends!

About Jayde

Gardener and 2nd Grade Teacher

Jayde loves skateboarding, plants, horticulture, music (she plays several instruments), and above all else: teaching. She holds a Bachelors degree in Geography, a Masters degree in Elementary Education, and is certified in Permaculture Design Education. She is a 2nd grade math and English teacher at Wyatt Academy who has worked closely with children for nearly 5 years at Hayground Day Camp gardens, on Fairview Farm, and through poetry workshops.

Jayde is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

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