STEAM Adventure

2-4 Hour Experience at Your Home

From marshmallow castles to milk experiments, Teacher Elisabeth will bring the world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) to life and lead children through scientific and creative explorations! By constructing castles and houses utilizing pattern puzzles, children will engineer and build; using unconventional materials, they'll create art in new and unique ways; finally, children will also probe concepts like speed and velocity through movement and dance.

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About Elisabeth

Ballerina & Teacher

As a dance instructor, former ballerina, certified educator, and artist, Elisabeth brings an incredible sense of joy, enthusiasm, and play to all of her experiences. Teaching children how to pair creativity and movement, and making storytelling come alive through dance, music, and exuberance, is what gives Elisabeth flight.

Elisabeth is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents are Saying

Elisabeth was engaging and great with our son.

- Elizabeth M.

Our daughter had fun exploring the park and seeing a bunny with Elisabeth!

- Todd R.

Our Grasshopper experience was amazing! I have four very curious kids at different ages with different interests, and the experience had all four of them engaged the whole time. Also, as an educator, I was very impressed with how the teacher led the program. She obviously knew what she was doing, and the minute she left, my kids were asking for another experience.

- Sarah L.

Great support and loved that everything was via text. Also my daughter had a fabulous time!

- Cristina S.