Strings Instruments Exploration

Exploring strings instruments has never been more fun! For kids who want to learn more about such instruments as the bass guitar, guitar, the Ukulele, and other strings instruments, through interactive activities and hands-on learning, children will uncover the distinct power of sound waves, reverberation, and strummed-music. They will learn to pluck and play and create their own unique sounds and tunes while sampling and gaining broad exposure to more musical instruments. Book as a one-time experience or series so your child can begin a life-long journey of musical discovery, one note at a time 🎵

About Andrew

Longtime Musician and Music Teacher

Andy is a talented musician, performer, and music teacher. With 20 years of performing, and 10 teaching, Andy is comfortable in front of a crowd or 1:1. With his private and small group instruction, he works closely with kids to share in and celebrate the joy of music and musical expression, coupled with attention to detail, technique, and form. His students have ranged in age from preschoolers to septuagenarians. Every opportunity to inspire someone new is music to his ears.

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What Parents Are Saying

We LOVED everything about Grasshopper! The customer service experience was exceptional! I felt like so much intentionality was taken to ensure that the activity would be both age appropriate and fun for my kids. Our experience leader was so easy going and chatted with the kids during the experience, and really took the time to engage and get to know them. We are definitely going to be using Grasshopper again! Thank you!
Mandi B.
Grasshopper offered my daughter an opportunity to learn in a vibrant, fun setting that was continuously customized for her attention span and interests. Her Grasshopper teacher was fun, engaging and supremely personable. She took the time to get to know my daughter before diving into anything. I felt more than comfortable leaving my daughter in such capable hands…and love that she truly learned some new things from the experience. We will be using Grasshopper regularly to broaden her horizons and expose her to new concepts in a safe and compelling way. The icing on the cake is that the experience took place in our home, at a time that was convenient for us!
Lauren G.
Our Grasshopper experience was amazing! I have four very curious kids at different ages with different interests, and the experience had all four of them engaged the whole time. Also, as an educator, I was very impressed with how the teacher led the program. She obviously knew what she was doing, and the minute she left, my kids were asking for another experience.
Sarah L.