The Science of Baking


Kids will love learning about the science and chemistry of baking through fun experiments, demonstrations, and activities that make The Science of Baking an extra special treat! Baking is fun and exciting, especially if you understand all the science behind it. From the chemical reactions to the physical changes that take place, kids will be able to explore, better understand and apply these principles in the kitchen. This experience will explore the science and chemistry of making baked goods, learning about heat transfer and how it affects taste, practicing proper safety and hygiene practices in the kitchen environment, measuring ingredients accurately with a variety of tools, understanding spatial awareness in relation to kitchen tasks and basic math concepts such as fractions. It’s sure to be a delectable time!

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About Nathan

Scientist and Snowboarder

Nathan is originally from Vermont, and moved to Colorado in 2003 where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. He is skilled in building and construction, as well as in the STEM fields, and believes that kids can learn by doing which also serves to build their confidence. An avid snowboarder, he's tutored students of all ages (his oldest student was 66!) in math and science.

Nathan is vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

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