Unicorn Dino Event Experience


Unicorns and Dinos! Oh, my! This experience is designed for mixed aged groups of up to 8 kids with lots of different interests.

🦄 Put on your unicorn horn, and get ready to be transported to a majestical world full of (you guessed it!) unicorns! In this immersive, educational experience, an extraordinary, magical creature will serve as a guide through a new and wondrous land. Along the way, children will develop reading and writing skills, play unicorn poop math, and other enrichment-integrated crafts! 

🦖 This will also be a dinosaur-filled experience woven with math skills, reading/writing, and dino-rific fun! Through games, especially, kids will practice numeracy skills; graph and chart with arts and crafts (and maybe a pinch of dinosaur poop!); and internalize math fundamentals that will challenge them in the most unforgettable way!

There's something for everyone in this one! A great experience choice for events where parents are otherwise engaged (or would like to be!).

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Up to 2 kids

$120 Total

Groups of 3 or more

$50 / kid

About Lauren

Award-Winning Teacher

Educational innovator, award winning teacher, experienced administrator, non-profit founder, and proud mama, Lauren is passionate about teaching. Her decades of experience in education in and out of the classroom and as a Teacher for America alumnus have led her to champion and advocate for innovations in learning, equitable access to education, and developing the whole child. She continues to work closely with children close to home in Colorado, and around the world, with significant contributions to students in Ghana over the past 12 years. Teacher Lauren is exceptional at customizing experiences for the ages, levels, and uniqueness of every child participating.

Lauren is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed



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