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About Alex

Alex is a French teacher who has been working in education for over 10 years. She currently works in K-12, but also has experience in the college setting as well as early childhood centers. She loves to travel, and has taken students to France on several occasions. She herself has traveled to France 6 times including a semester abroad when she was a student.

Alex is incredibly passionate about language learning. She is fluent in French, and beginning her own study of Spanish. With her students, her favorite are the moments when their language comprehension "clicks," and they have a new form of self-expression. In her teaching practice, she incorporates project- and practice-based methods, because she wants students to be able to use what they know.

Alex is vaccinated against COVID-19.



My daughter loved the Art of French Baking experience! Alex was wonderful and overall I would highly recommend her and we'll be back!
Jennifer M
Teacher Alex was engaging from the moment she walked through the door. She introduced a group of words in French then sang songs with the kids using the new vocabulary. Kids also did crafts and an art project while communicating in French. Our kids shared that they had a great time. Alex is excellent!
Peter L