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About Jairo

A lifelong skateboarder, multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, and visual artist, Jairo's Experiences are an incredibly creative space within which children can unleash their wildest dreams and ideas. With a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and over 8 years of experience working with children and art, Jairo draws out and celebrates the uniqueness of every student he works with β€” whether the Experience is skateboarding, music, art, Spanish language, or a mix of all of the above!

Jairo is a native Spanish speaker and taught 6th grade Spanish at Stanley British Primary School for 7 years, and 3rd-8th grade art there for 3 years.

Jairo is vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.


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This was an amazing experience. With Jairo’s help they wrote their own song and played musical instruments he brought like the mini keyboard, drums and guitar. They then recorded a live mp3 of their song and put on a performance for me at the end. They named their band and made posters to advertise their band and the concert!! The kids were engaged the whole time and can’t wait for another experience with Jairo. He is so wonderful with the kids, fun and kind and full of smiles helping them be creative and learn. 200% recommend Jairo and his experiences. Can’t wait to try his art and skateboarding experience. :)
Morgan M
My kids have loved working with Jairo. This is their second Grasshopper experience in a series where they are creating their own skateboards using old skateboards. The first Grasshopper they designed their skateboards and drew out exactly what they wanted. This week they sanded and painted the skateboards so they are all ready for adding their design to next time. He then also created a song with them.
Morgan M
Jairo is teaching Spanish to my preschooler and I! We wrote and sang and drew today :)
Lindsey W
This session was SO awesome!! Jairo was his same personable self and add to that allllll the Spanish!! The girls felt challenged. And on top of it, art is the way to their heart! Thank you SO much!
Jennifer L