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About Lisa

Teacher Lisa’s favorite sound is a child’s laugh. She worked for over 20 years as a children’s librarian in Denver Metro public libraries. She's raised two children and is a new grandma. Lisa loves reading, playing, singing, doing crafts, laughing and learning with kids. She believes lifelong learning begins in childhood and aims to learn something new every day. She did her first skydive for her 55th birthday!

Lisa holds a Master's degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from the University of Denver, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Mason University. She has had coursework and training in working with children, worked as a nanny in Austria, and is an oral storyteller volunteer through the Spellbinders organization. Her hobbies include postcrossing (combining the internet with postcards!), children's literature, traveling, and learning about world cultures.

Lisa is vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.


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Ms. Lisa was so fabulous. She knew exactly what to expect from a group of 5 year olds, and kept things moving. Her storytelling was SO good! It kept everyone engaged, including the parents. We all loved her. She came withe everything she needed for the party, and was really good with the kids. All the parents at the party kept commenting on how nice it was to be able to enjoy adult time while she engaged the kids.
Cameran B
Miss Lisa was great with keeping my kids engaged in the crafts, games and reading activities! The crafts were super cute and my kids were so excited to display them afterwards! I love that Miss Lisa never spent too long on any one activity and kept things moving along, which really kept the kids entertained!
Jackie K
Ms Lisa Cole was on time, well prepared and jumped right in with engaging reading activities from session start until finish. My almost six year old daughter’s exact words after the lessons were “I love her.” My heart is happy she’s happy and now eager to do more reading experiences with Lisa!
Shannon K
I spoke with Ms Lisa the day before the event and we were able to coordinate logistics as far as what she needed for the craft areas and the eating area and the dancing area. She arrived before the party and got set up and was able to greet the girls as they came in and get them their wings! She came prepared with a bunch of different activities and was able to mix and match as the party went on based on what the girls were into at the moment. They did some story time, crafts, had a tea with fruit and cookies, and did fairy dances, and built fairy towers. The kids made their own wands and crowns and coloring pages with stickers. Ms Lisa did all the entertaining and everyone had a great time!
Vanessa R
It was the cutest experience for my daughter and her friend. They loved every minute of dressing up and learning all about fairies. They had so much fun dancing around and using their imagination to have the funnest fairy experience!
Kelsi L
My son loved the experience and liked learning about sea creatures. Also he liked the teacher a lot and was talking about her after she left. I am overall happy and satisfied with the experience!
Susan Z
Our Grasshopper teacher came over and kept the kids totally entertained for two full hours. When we went down to get some cute pics of the kids playing with the sand and they told us to go away so you know they were having a good time! Thank you so much Grasshopper Kids!!
Jordan H
My children had a wonderful time. This was their 3rd Grasshopper experience with the same teacher and they have loved every one of them. She had them engaged the whole time in different crafts including sticker pictures, crafting sea horses, magic sketch drawings, balloon bubbles, and strung beads to make mermaid bracelets. It’s such a good feeling as a mom to come home and hear your kids raving about their experience and so excited to show you all the crafts they made.
Morgan M
Lisa is amazing with children. They loved the stories and crafts.
Regina W
We were very happy with both of our experiences with Joey and Lisa. They were incredible with our kids and the activities that were curated were so much fun. We will definitely be using them again in the future. We couldn’t be more pleased.
Tiffany S
The girls loved this Fairy experience! They read a little bit about fairies, made crowns and wands, had a dance party, had a scavenger hunt to find stuff to build fairy houses and then built a fairy house. They loved the teacher and the experience. It’s been their favorite Grasshopper so far!! They loved being dressed as fairies!! 100% recommend
Morgan M