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About Michael

Michael is a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, violin, and more! He is a teacher and composer living in Denver. Having been personally and deeply shaped by music, Michael has been teaching songwriting, improvisation, and music production to children for years. His teaching philosophy is to meet students where they are and build on their musical interests, allowing children's natural excitement and curiosity to steer the sound. Michael was a production consultant on the Grammy-winning Maria Schneider Orchestra album "Data Lords" (2020), and has performed in over 40 states.

Michael is vaccinated against COVID-19.



Teacher Michael was able to engage my children in the activity right away. He kept their attention for 2 hours and really taught to their level. They learned lots of skills for composing music in Garage Band that they will have tons of fun using in the future.
Brita D
Grasshopper Kids is amazing! Our two boys absolutely loved working with Michael and creating their own song in GarageBand. I asked them what their favorite part was and they replied β€œall of it!” We will definitely be booking more camps in the future.
Rhiannon F
Michael was great with my daughter, they really connected and both seemed to have a lot of fun. She said it was her favorite experience of all and she learned so much about how to compose music on her iPad and didn’t need other specialized equipment. We highly recommend this experience!
Julie J
Michael and Aiden made and recorded music together. They layered the different parts and Aiden has a song he created. It was really interactive!
Jessica K
My 7 year old son used a program similar to Garage Band to compose his very own song. He was so proud and Michael made it a great experience. He even showed us a program that could work on my son's chromebook so he could continue to make music after the experience. Highly recommend!
Erin W