Learn to Play Baseball and Softball!

2 Hour Experience Outdoors

Let's Play Baaaaaalllllll!!!!!! Learn the fundamentals of the baseball and softball with Coach Karen in this experience that reinforces getting outdoors and active, and learning great teamwork. Warm up with stretching and throwing and catching. Depending on age and skill level, children will get to know the equipment (balls, bats, gloves, bases, etc.), and practice hitting and fielding balls. They'll learn the different positions, and play a game of baseball or softball! Great for groups, and kids wanting to get started with or improve their skills on the field and at bat.

About Karen

Production Designer

Karen is a Production Designer who works on short films, music videos, and ads to create sets that feel natural while also maintaining an element of wonder and fun. She works as a freelance painter and specializes in still life and portrait painting. She has been passionate about the arts for the entirety of her life, and is excited to bring this love to every one of her Grasshopper experiences for kids!

Karen has worked with children for over 6 years, including as a caregiver, nanny, tutor, and softball coach. She is CPR and First Aid certified, and vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

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