Unicorn Horns and Art Wonders

🦄 Welcome to "Unicorn Horns and Art Wonders!" This magical, multi-week journey invites kids into an enchanting world where creativity meets fantasy. Children will craft their very own unicorn horns and dive into art projects inspired by all things unicorn! With each session, their imaginations will soar as they explore vibrant colors, sparkles, and enchanting designs.

Alongside fellow young artists, kids will develop their artistic skills, fine motor abilities, and self-expression while creating unicorn-themed masterpieces. Each week brings new surprises, encouraging children to dream big and find joy in every brushstroke. Come join the fun and let the unicorn magic unleash their inner artists! 🌈🎨

About Chigusa

Artist and Jeweler

Chigusa loves working with kids, has worked as a children's art teacher for 5 years, and has many passions to share! Among them are jewelry-making, key-chain-making, Sumi Calligraphy, painting, gardening, Japanese language and culture, making sushi, and learning about animals and the outdoors.

Teacher Chigusa is also a talented athlete, particularly in swimming which she's coached for many years. As a student, she was also a member of the competitive basketball and Kendo (Japanese martial arts) teams.

Chigusa is vaccinated against COVID-19.

* Fully-vetted, background checked, and interviewed

What Parents Are Saying

"Is there anything we can do to improve your experience?" Nothing we can think of thus far! Grasshopper Kids has been a great experience. The support is amazing and always promptly responds to any questions I have.
Shelby G, Assistant Head of School
Chigusa was amazing and the kids loved the experience! I'll definitely be booking again!
Nataly L
I love what the kids made in their experience with Chigusa! She was lovely, and the terrariums and sun catcher are now proudly on display in our home. Kids had a great time.
Cat G
this was a wonderful experience — easy to book — great communication .. flawless
Flora S