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About Chigusa

Chigusa loves working with kids, has worked as a children's art teacher for 5 years, and has many passions to share! Among them are jewelry-making, key-chain-making, Sumi Calligraphy, painting, gardening, Japanese language and culture, making sushi, and learning about animals and the outdoors.

Teacher Chigusa is also a talented athlete, particularly in swimming which she's coached for many years. As a student, she was also a member of the competitive basketball and Kendo (Japanese martial arts) teams.

Chigusa is vaccinated against COVID-19.



"Is there anything we can do to improve your experience?" Nothing we can think of thus far! Grasshopper Kids has been a great experience. The support is amazing and always promptly responds to any questions I have.
Shelby G, Assistant Head of School
Chigusa was amazing and the kids loved the experience! I'll definitely be booking again!
Nataly L
this was a wonderful experience — easy to book — great communication .. flawless
Flora S
I love what the kids made in their experience with Chigusa! She was lovely, and the terrariums and sun catcher are now proudly on display in our home. Kids had a great time.
Cat G